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About Robot Monster

Why Robot Montster?

When I was a kid, I fell in love with cheesy monster movies, Godzilla, Mothra, and Atomic Age Sci-Fi. At the top of the heap was Robot Monster. Over time, I enjoyed it in different ways, it’s break from reality and the philosophical conundrum of Ro-Man…I Cannot, But I Must, but I Cannot!! It really was the little movie that could!! When I started my company, I wanted to offer fun gifts for nerds –  unique and just plain weird ties for guys and gals. To bring out the inner geek, and make ties that reflect the “No Bridge, No Problem” attitude that I saw in Robot Monster!!! These ties are for all Hu-Mons!! Even for Aliens with diving helmets!!!

3D Robot Monster Movie Poster

How Our Ties are Made

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The Movie

If you like watching campy, So-Bad-They’re-Good films you will LOVE Robot Monster. Released in 1953, this sci-fi, black and white, B-Movie follows an alien that looks like a gorilla with an antenna-equipped helmet which has almost completely wiped out the human species from the face of Earth. As he hunts down the final six survivors, he ends up falling in love with the daughter of a scientist who invented an antibiotic that somehow makes them immune to the Robot Monster’s death ray. How can you resist such a compelling plot? You can’t. You must watch. The full film is available through a search on YouTube from several channels. Enjoy!